Image by Sam Moqadam

"Unlike just sending money for a cause, you get to feel and wear your contirbution everyday" 

Emacity Organic and sustainable Tees pic

 Navyata bansal

I am so glad to have found a brand that actually cares about sustainability as much as I do. When brands associate themselves with sustainability it is usually a lie or either have boring styles- but that is definitely not the case with Emacity! 

Their simple basic yet classy tshirts are my wardrobe staples! I love that I can contribute in my way as a consumer and also be stylish! 

I am so happy to see small businesses like these contributing and actually caring!

Rounak Chindalia

A sustainable world requires mindfulness of what we say, do, buy, and use. Buying chemical-free organic cotton apparel is a huge contribution. Unlike sending money for a cause, you get to feel and wear your contribution every day. I’m thrilled to have had made this switch! Absolutely loving these T-shirts!

Nandita Saravanan 

I won the very first giveaway from Emacity and I'm so grateful for it! The masks were surprisingly super super soft and it was so comfortable on my skin than most of the other masks I've tried. It smelt amazing too. I love that it's a sustainable and an eco-friendly brand. The people too are super nice and so friendly. Will definitely be a regular customer:) Much support and love!

Siddharth Thiagarajan

Emacity is an inspiring company. Youth change makers at their very best, Emacity makes timelessly stylish clothes with sustianability at the very core. Affordable, chic and unmatched quality!

Krishna Wadhwa

I got the chance to order a few t-shirts from Emacity as soon as they opened shop. Even though they were founded in 2020, their services and offerings are as good as any established brand. The packaging comes with a small personalized note on seed paper and a recyclable pencil with seeds that can be planted! Overall the ordering process and the quality of the product both are amazing. Looking forward to more offerings!

Nishtha Nanda

Emacity is one of the most reliable and sustainably fashionable brands I’ve come across! I loved the quality of their t-shirts and masks and their personalized touch to all their packaging. Emacity is definitely my go to 🥰

Mihir Raravikar

Emacity is a truly a thoughtfully curated and dare I say, a thought provoking venture. Amidst the pandemic of COVID-19, when the world was thinking of ways to protect themselves, this group of 5 individuals thought of giving back to the world by providing a choice to opt for sustainable fashion, and made their products as beautiful and comfortable as any other top brands outside. Right from the production to their packaging, every step seems to be a sustainable one. I am truly proud to be an Emacitizen and Kudos to team Emacity!

Nakshatra panicker

If you talk about being sustainable, you have to talk about Emacity! The Ema tees are my absolute favourite pieces from my wardrobe! The quality, design, customer service and of course the beautiful idea behind all their contemporary creations makes this brand what it is today! Can’t wait to order more!

Colin Chandana

I ordered the Error 2020 tshirt from Emacity and with the kind of year that it was, Emacity did not disappoint me. The material was soft and the print was very clear. And the fact that it was ethical and sustainable was like a cherry on the top! Absolutely cannot wait for the next collection!

Vidur Sachety

Just love the idea of green clothing without a comprise on quality and style.This truly sets emacity apart for me from the other brands in the market!.A personalised touch with a handwritten note for all, the seed paper used and the green pencils that grow into plants, just wonderful! Emacity truly believes in promoting a sustainable living! 


I got T-shirts from Emacity a month back and since then, I've been wearing them every alternate day , that's exactly how comfortable they are.

Manvi Datt

Who knew being sustainable could be so fashionable. Emacity’s tees can be paired up with basically anything and still make you feel fashionable and comfortable. Every part of their company perfectly represents their mission of promoting a sustainable world. It has now become my go to!