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Where style and sustainability coexists

Holding Leaf

Our Ethos

Organic cotton

From non-genetically modified plants

Women's empowerment

Offering opportunities and supporting families

No artificial chemicals

Human-Ecosystem Equilibrium

Biodegradable Products

Minimizing the carbon footprint

Local designers and manufacturers

Providing employment and opportunities


Sick of evil corps poisoning our society with their Wall Street blood, five Schmick visionaries came together with a simple idea in their mind, to dress everyone in an elegant and eco-friendly manner. By putting together our love for the planet and innovative designs we launched an ethical fashion brand; Emacity. A start-up that desires to contribute towards living sustainably by enabling responsible consumption in the irresponsible era of fast fashion. We waited for a little longer than we should have, but with your support, we believe we might just make it in time.

Meet The Team


Yuktha Bhadane


Khushi Mehra 


Aaron Jenson 


Ansh Bakshi


Devendra Chandnani

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