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Where your Business can be made sustainable 

No matter which industry you operate in, there’s always a scope for making your processes more environmentally conscious. You can make your packaging 100% sustainable with recycled cardboard mailer boxes on which we can custom print your logo and ideas. These small details go a long way when you’re trying to build a brand image, and what better approach to branding that sustainability.



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fair trade certified



100% plastic free

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locally made

Vision without execution is a hallucination

Our intentions of making this world a better place need to materialise into actions. The best part is these actions aren’t that challenging.

Gone are the days when providing just the service was enough. Customers are retained when you give them something more than what they had come for, so no matter what helps you make your bread and butter, some jaw-dropping aesthetic merchandise will help you take it up a notch. The designers at Emacity have worked for countless firms and know what to deliver. Work with us and be that cool brand the crowd adores.

Work with our talented team of designers and create t-shirts your employees feel proud to wear. Our GOTS certified t-shirts along with natural dyes cause no make you a responsible firm while also instilling a sense of belonging in the team. Contact us to get bulk order quotations.


Leading from the front

To make organizations conscious about the impact of their business on the environment, we set up our own, with the sole purpose of putting plants before profits.

Image by Douglas Sanchez
Help us save the future

We have successfully found the right balance between profits and social responsibilities. And we want to serve you by making your actions, whatever they maybe, a little more green.It begins with your firm evolving into an ethical establishment, that sets an example for the rest, and  creates a brand image consumers can look up to.

Become a responsible enterprise

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