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What does it mean to be a sustainable individual or organisation?

Updated: Apr 1, 2022

We are a Sustainable Fashion Brand. Here at Emacity, we are proud of many things. Being a "Generation- Z" led and run company, we fully understand and embrace the notion of youth being the change-makers of our world. With our products being manufactured and designed in house, and with a significant focus on employing female artisans, we are proud to create opportunities while strengthening our economy and society. Our manufacturing process, right from the GOTS certified cotton we use to the dyes on our shirts, every step has been carefully curated to minimise the impact on mother nature. Sustainably sourced, made with Fairtrade. What does all this mean? It boils down to how we at Emacity, could not be prouder to be associated with the word: Sustainable.

It is unfortunately ironic that many of us do not fully grasp what sustainability means given how it is critical for the hour. While there is no universally agreed-upon definition for sustainability, in its broader sense, it is "the process of meeting our own needs without compromising on the ability for next generations also to meet their needs". Stress on the words 'without compromising'. Sustainability is a counterattack on one of the biggest problems in history to date; greed. Sustainability is all-encompassing when we talk about the overuse and exploitation of natural resources and economic and social ones.

Sustainability, as a concept, has three core pillars to it.

  • Environmental Sustainability: Simply the frugal yet efficient use of natural resources. Allowing natural resources to replenish themselves for future use naturally, and without overexploitation leading to severe ecological damage to the Earth.

  • Economic Sustainability: Economic Sustainability has had its critics and has been open to misinterpretation in the past. However, at its very core, as described by Dunphy et al. (2007), it is the process of how business can achieve profit without doing any short- or long-term harm to the environment. Economic Sustainability is about accepting and working with the other pillars of sustainability. Before the bottom-line goal, it deals with how companies must develop methods and procedures to minimise damage to the Earth while considering social and economic implications.

  • Social Sustainability: Social sustainability deals with human rights. All individuals must be subject to fair and ethical working standards. Furthermore, it also pushes for development to ensure all families and communities can access enough resources to keep them safe and healthy. It also includes a broader framework where all of us acknowledge how our actions impact this world and how we must incorporate cohesion and honesty into our communities to preserve the world for generations to come.

Some very distinct characteristics are well embedded in sustainable companies' organisational structure, identified as part of a study conducted by MIT Sloan Management Review (2012). These characteristics are something we strongly associate with at Emacity and include:

  • Leaders of Sustainable organisations make decisions considering long term implications

  • 72% of Sustainable companies are willing to take calculated risks in the pursuit of sustainability as compared to only 40% for traditional companies

  • Sustainably oriented companies set specific sustainability objectives that often link to their business objectives

  • 83% of sustainable companies encourage their supply chain to adopt sustainable practices in contrast to only 20% of traditional companies

At Emacity, Environmental, Social and Economic sustainability is our heart head and soul. We are walking on the path and striving to create a truly sustainable enterprise that can keep all three pillars in perfect harmony and balance without any exploitation. We design 100% GOTS certified organic cotton t-shirts and masks empowering you to switch to a more sustainable ethical lifestyle! Our mission is to help propagate a slow fashion culture while we empower our accomplished local artisans and manufactures. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you or your business switch to a more sustainable lifestyle!

At Emacity, we would like your support to help us look after mother nature and our society, people, and healthy, organic economic growth!

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1 Comment

Sukhamrit Singh
Sukhamrit Singh
Jan 18, 2021

This information is gold !! Thank you for sharing it 😊

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