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You wanna scream at someone saying, “SHUT THE F*CK UP! It’s too loud. I hear you, but I don’t want to. Maybe even if you shut the fuck up, there will be chaos. Maybe not. All I need is for you to SHUT THE F*CK UP.” This tee is the symbolic reference. This is a unisex oversized t-shirt that fits all sizes (S-XXL). The simple, minimalistic and bold design is made by local artisans using traditional embroidery techniques. This t-shirt is an Emacity product so you can be assured that it is made in a sustainable manner using 'GOTS' certified 100% organic cotton. With our t-shirts, you not only look good but feel good because your choice of fashion is no longer destroying the planet. 


  • Chest Size 40
    Length Size 26
    Sleeve Size 7.5


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