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What makes Emacity special?

We are a Sustainable Fashion Brand. Until recently, I never really cared too much about the fashion industry. Modern society dictates that we all can't walk around naked, which is why I tend to do the bare minimum when it comes to buying clothes. Unlike most individuals my age, I would happily let my mom do my shopping. Most of my clothing decisions are made purely from an economic standpoint; style and brands are secondary concerns. Call it whatever you like, but really, it simply baffles me how people can spend so much time obsessing over shopping for new clothes and the ones they already have. Guess I'm just cut from a different cloth then!

My reservations around fashion stem from primarily one fact I despise. In India, clothing is a potent status symbol. Wearing big brands like Nike, H&M and Zara can sway or even alter your image and affects how society treats people differently. Don't misunderstand, I am not saying I dislike Nike, but I could never stomach how my younger brother's Nike Hoodie made him look "cooler" than me, wearing a local brand that I bought for less than half the price! I failed to see how people couldn't see how these big corporates created illusions with ingenious marketing strategies. Huge corporate think tanks can generate such passionate feelings of desire, want, and values that create status symbols, all with a just a logo, or a brand name.

After being associated with Emacity, I can proudly say I care about the clothes and the brand for the first time in my life. Emacity aims to facilitate conscious consumerism, a philosophy I have always supported and advocated for. I have been fortunate to learn so much more about the fashion industry due to Emacity. My whole perspective shattered, and given how much change is required, the fashion industry is something I now deeply care and worry about. Call me ignorant, but I was blindly unaware that the fashion industry is the second largest pollutant in the world, my mind never went to fashion when discussing environmental damage. Emacity is focused on securing a brighter better tomorrow by making incredibly unique and stylish clothes with a 100% sustainable process. The men's T-shirts are magnificently comfortable, come in excellent unique designs, and are entirely organic and toxin-free. Our cotton is 100% GOTS certified organic cotton. The dyes we use are also non-toxic and non-carcinogenic. Wearing Emacity clothes is a message I am proud to project, unlike shallow symbols of "being cool" or "wealth". It symbolises my contribution to an ethical, more sustainable future, that is greener and one that respects mother nature and our world.

Emacity is a brand tailor-made for people like me. Gen Z individuals that question the ordinary, recognise the need of the hour, and take it within their hands to facilitate change. It is a brand everyone can get behind. Providing high quality, stylish clothes for everyone, that is not only affordable but made strictly with the intention of a better tomorrow. Sustainability is at the core of everything Emacity does.

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