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So, what is Emacity?

Updated: Sep 26, 2020

Emacity was started in the middle of a pandemic. A time where businesses were shutting down, Emacity was born. It was born to facilitate that much needed transition. A transition from fast fashion to conscious consumerism. Emacity is all about making it easy to switch to a sustainable way of life. This pandemic is not just a red flag, it is a massive red piece of cloth that is suffocating us, showing us that this is where we stop. We stop, we reassess and make a choice. We want people to make the choice to go sustainable. What sets us apart is the ease we create to become sustainable. 

Our sustainable clothing line is trendy. It is functional, affordable and fashionable. This makes choosing Emacity not just a responsible, sustainable and ethical choice but also an attractive one. At Emacity, we work with locally grown fabric that is 100% GOTS certified. We use non-toxic dyes and engage in ethical processes that enable us to have a Fair Trade Certificate. We work with local designers and manufacture locally made apparel. 

Emacity attempts to do right by everyone. We believe that employment and empowerment go hand in hand and want to be transparent and ethical in whatever we do. Our priority is to be responsible individuals and entrepreneurs who give back to the community that serves them. Having heard so many instances of exploitation of labour in terms of wages, working conditions, etc we often ponder over the fact that what do brands gain from exploiting the poor? Every apparel sold in an unethical way leads to a poor person paying the price for it. This just supports the million claims behind the phrase “ Rich get richer and poor get poorer”. 

Emacity is all about plants before profits and making everyone come together before fast fashion causes irreversible damage. We are Gen Z for Gen Z, catering to the millennials by instigating the zeal to drive change for a better tomorrow. We cater to this community because who better to promote change than citizens of tomorrow? At the very core, Emacity is and authentic and transparent start-up with big (and achievable) dreams. We are transparent in our vision and aim to give back to the community by uplifting citizens of the same community to generate change for a better tomorrow. Unlike other brands who just sell sustainable clothing, we at Emacity help create awareness of why there is a need for this in the first place. One cannot expect people to generate change or adapt to change if they are not aware about why the change needs to be propagated in the first place. Emacity takes full responsibility in creating awareness as to why a shift from fast fashion to conscious consumerism is not a choice but a dire need.  

All in all, Emacity is simply a product of five Gen Z change-makers who were tired with the way businesses exploit natural resources, underprivileged human beings and decided that it was finally time for a change. 

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